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I love with your permission

You will be afraid of the girl nation. Both love and separation come from them. After all, men are not very good at loving or leaving… We came to learn some things, there are some who teach them. There are those who teach and go, those who look like they say, “See what you are now“. There are words like goodbye that replace long, long sentences. I haven’t been thinking ahead for a long time, and I don’t have such a chance anyway. I don’t have monthly or weekly plans either. I don’t know what will happen for tomorrow. I can’t say “We’re serious“. “We don’t think.” After the fish eat bread, we eat cauliflower and then we walk as far as we can. Maybe he doesn’t get tired just because he’s with me. That’s what love is like, you’re getting smaller as you increase, you’re not enough for anyone but loving a lot. Write me and don’t go even if you go. You already have a place to stay, you can’t go even if you wanted to. You know, you can’t afford certain things, like giving up on love… No one takes your place, because making love is never about you and the gaze of a prostitute soul is not enough for me. I become you, without you knowing, I am leaving you, I am returning to you. One look is enough sometimes, go but stay, always stay… Let the place where they can’t enter is where you can’t get out. I love you with your permission.

You Know

Not everyone can say “you know”.
It’s not easy to say “you know”.
And if someone says “you know” to you, he knew before you.
Saying “you know” is like saying go.
You know, sometimes people can’t say go.
You’re telling me it’s over now, and that’s it, “you know”.
That’s all I’ve explained.
You know now, right?
You can go, you can not call, you can not ask.
You may not even come back again…
Even if you come back now, you are not mine, the decision is yours.
You know.”

We are incomprehensible

Sometimes you feel that you are not understood. They don’t want to understand you. Sometimes you think you can’t explain. Sometimes they don’t matter. You only care about results. There is nothing you can do and it doesn’t change anything if someone understands you. That’s when you realize that being understood is not that important. You go back to your childhood and you think of the moments when you ran aimlessly for hours. Grown-ups don’t understand why you’re running. In fact, not being understood is the gift of those times to us.

Most people will never understand you. Maybe there are a few people in life who will understand us…
They are too far away.

Must love a hundred times in a row

There’s a big difference between being in love and being a grocer. Yes, anyone can be a grocer. Of course, it is not difficult to give rewards to children who say, “Is there anything wrong with this?” It is not so difficult to fall in love. For example, you fall in love, he does not. Being a grocer is different. I used to say, ‘One bread, one milk and money’. My mother used to say so. You can’t say, “When you fall in love, it’s a little bit of love, a bit of a habit, and above my love.” You are like songs that I listen to over and over again. Sometimes I love you a hundred times in a row. This guy even has sugar in his tea. Bon Appetit.

Dreams are for mixing, you interfere with me, I watch you from a corner…

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