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Speak honestly

We think it’s good to be “sincere”, “to speak our minds openly”. We strive to “speak honestly”. People think that honesty makes human relationships better. For example, if others openly tell us what they think about us, we can change ourselves and get along better with them. Unfortunately…

Generally, the more honest you are with each other, the more alienated you become from each other. Sales department employees of a company in California met for a weekend to discuss what they do well personally and professionally, and how they can improve themselves. This would speed up teamwork and explode sales.
The theory has grown.
I will quote a few comments made during the meeting:
“Even though you’ve gained a few pounds, you look really good! I am very serious! You look amazing!”
“You’re always talking about your emotional problems on the phone. Have you ever thought of going to a psychologist?”
“If you put on a little less makeup, maybe your skin problems will decrease!”
Do you think it’s possible that people sharing their opinions so candidly increased compliance and exploded sales?
You’re right, of course that theory fell through. After this weekend the salespeople spent together, sales dropped by twelve percent.
The point here was not that people could not understand each other well. Everyone communicated with each other quite openly. The point was that everyone understood each other very well.

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