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Wake uppp!!!

A voice: “Today is your song in the world.”
A voice: Today is your last day on earth
Is this a joke?
Hey who are you?
Look at me, how do you know such a thing?
Leave me alone, go away!




(2 hours later)

Are you there?
talk to me…
Hey I’m telling you.
Where did you disappear to, is it really my last day?
Please talk to me…




(5 hours later)

Can’t you hear me?
What are you doing now?
I do not believe you.




(7 hours later)

Off! OK I believe.
So why me?
I still have work to do.
What if I die later!

Another voice: No way, it’s your turn!

(10 hours later)

talk to me
Why me? Why?
Besides, I have children, they are very young.
What if I don’t die?
Who takes care of my children?
What do they do without me?
Talk to me…

The voice continues: when you die you will not think of these.
You will forget everyone in this world.

(14 hours later)

I don’t want to die.
I must stay here with my children.

The voice continues: Why then?

I have a lot of work to do.
My home loan debt is not over yet.
I also bought a car, I couldn’t even use it with taste…
Besides, I am a teacher, I have many more people to train.
My children are small too, you understand?
I can’t die, my work is not over in this world.
Let my children grow up, let me see my grandchildren.
I deserve them, I’ve always worked for them.
Don’t do this to me, I want to live.

The sound continues:
No one in this world can complete their work, because their work is not finished. You look very tired, too. You’d better get some sleep.

(23 hours later)

The voice is heard again: Wake up now…

Hey! How much is left? Why did you put me to sleep?

The voice continues: You only have one hour left.
Now we will all be together.
When you come to me and see my paradise, you will never want to return to this world…

How did time pass so quickly? How did your whole day end?

The sound continues:
It’s not a day that ends, it’s a life, and don’t think about what’s left behind. I’ll find someone to take care of them, believe me.
I shouldn’t die, I don’t want to die…

Time is up and the dream is over. The young teacher wakes up. She goes to her children’s room and hugs her son and daughter tightly. He leaves the house to prepare a nice breakfast for them. There are many shoes in front of his next door neighbor’s door and the door is ajar. His neighbor, the teacher, who lived in the next flat, passed away towards the morning. He left two children orphaned behind.

The fathers of these two children died first, followed by their mother. They will now be sent home. They have neither grandparents nor relatives. The teacher, who is under the influence of the dream, takes those children and raises them without separating them from their own children.

At that moment, he hears the voice in his dream:
It’s not a day that ends, it’s a life, and don’t think about what’s left behind. I know someone who will take care of them, believe me.

Such was life. He knew everything better than us. An abbreviation of A and B is Mother and Father. A child is the apple of one’s eye. The father is the eyelid, the mother is the eyelash. So protect those kids…

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