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It doesn’t happen sometimes

I still can’t forget you. We loved so much, we couldn’t choose one. If we got on the ship, we would miss the train, if we got on the train, we would miss the ship. Now you’re gone, I don’t have a train or a ship in mind. I’m taking the bus out of spite. I still can’t forget you.

It doesn’t work, sometimes I walk in vain on the same roads, I have no purpose, I cross those roads just to meet you. The pavements are wet roads, the road is quiet, just as you want it. You’re missing, we don’t have an umbrella now. Every place we drink that coffee is empty. It’s like nobody wants to play for you. It doesn’t suit anyone, anyway.

Human death is unacceptable. I wear the same roads just in case I still see it. Recently I saw a girl with a purple umbrella, I walked behind her as if it was you. I felt like touching it, it’s lost, dreams don’t die. It doesn’t die sometimes…

Without delay

This today may be the last day I say I love you. If we had as long a life as a butterfly, we wouldn’t have waited this long to say I love you.

Yes, we are often afraid to say “I love you”.

Sometimes it turns out that we are a liar, of course, it has an effect too.

Anyway, today’s butterfly is either you or me…

Maybe tomorrow we will have our last day.

I love you. No need to be late.

You have to love your coming, without thinking!

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