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You will come

And i want hugs I’m ignoring all the girls just because you’re coming…

Do you know life, your job is coincidences, to bring someone into our life to remove someone, what else do you do…

I’m not angry with you, on the contrary, I love you very much, and then you can’t taste the people you brought into my life and the people you took out of hug my life…

Two songs will be played one after the other on the radio and you listen to the first song you don’t like until it’s over in order not to miss the second song, but you ignore it. That’s what I’m doing now. I’m ignoring all the girls just because you’re coming.

Note to future lover: Welcome


You hug and then you miss again. It makes you feel emotions that you can’t name, your lovemaking is too much…

It’s like being able to eat another pack after eating a pack of seeds…

You get used to it for no reason. You don’t need to love completely, just love piecemeal. For example, one day just hold your hands, then hold your hands again. Don’t let anyone hold your hands like you… Kiss above the cheekbone, for example, act like you don’t have lips, don’t become everyone… Don’t try to be different, make you feel that you are happy only with her, but you can be without her. Everyone has a right to say goodbye in life. Deprive him of this right.

Be with me not to go, but to love.


love? to be loved? Don’t ask me.

Both alone make them unhappy.

Both are separate grief you know.

I’ve heard this question a lot, I don’t really understand why it is asked. It is good to love, it is also good to be loved.

Separately, it doesn’t taste very good.

That’s why the most beautiful thing is to be loved while loving.

To love while being loved.

In fact, we are loved as much as we love. We love someone very much. Someone else loves us very much. The problem is not in love, we just can’t match it.

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