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Love? to be loved? Don’t ask me.

Both are unhappy alone. We will leave this life as people who have a little bit of what they don’t have, maybe live what is imposed most of the time and never get what they want… Sometimes we will love someone very much, yes, we will love a lot, but it will never be ours. We will not lose it because it will never be ours. There will be people who believe in what is called love, there will be people who live bad lives just because of love, there will be people who live bad lives just because of love, and some of them won’t even come close to love. I will not cross the sirat bridge with the girls I met on the bus. Write my name in your heart, if you have free time, and remember that in astroturf matches, the one with the worst goalkeeper loses. It’s cold coming from the side of the window. Don’t wear tights or anything, you’ll get cold there. Even if your name is not love, don’t pass me by, your perfume mixed with the wind is enough.


In primary school, there were those who had scented erasers and a set of 24 crayons. And the ones with ripped aprons… For example, there was a very cool girl in red socks. The whole class loved that girl. We had those who brought cheese for a living from home. Those who eat chocolate and those who don’t know the taste of chocolate… Those who talk around the trash can. Then I had a friend who was pretty poor. He was wearing a sweater inside his apron, no coat. They gave coats from school to those who didn’t have coats… They also gave boots or something. Their names were read in front of the whole outside, and they took the boots and coats. As children, we did not understand. There was an evil in this business, an infringement of a child’s dignity. Yes, although they were educators, our teachers did not think about it in those days. For example, if you become a teacher in the future, think about it. It’s easy to say that there is no justice in the world, aren’t we the ones who determine justice? You are justice.

Perhaps justice is what we do not find.


You have to love a lot, there must be someone in your life that you want to hug as you hug… He should take care of you, but sometimes he should not call and ask, he should summarize himself. You don’t need to be jealous of him, you have to trust him. Your eyes should not be left behind when they are not looking for you and there should be only writings left unfinished. Neither you nor him.

If we’re going to be halfway one day, it shouldn’t be today.

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