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Good Morningggg!!!

Morning 07:53 AM (An early hour to leave)
I am going to work.
The metrobus is crowded and the phone is ringing.

-Good morning what?
-I am going to work. you are?
-I want to separate.
-How about this time?
-How how Good morning? What’s wrong with this watch?
-Do you leave at 7:53 in the morning? You will go on this road with me. Where did this come from now?
-Very thoughtful your this morning…
-What? Last night you went to bed at 11… This morning what to think, don’t lie.
I went to bed at 11 am, but I woke up at 4 am, I couldn’t sleep.
-Did you think about this when you couldn’t sleep, so if you couldn’t sleep, did you say you should leave at least? What kind of logic is this?
-Don’t make me laugh. I thought it can’t happen with you, we can’t.
-So it doesn’t consume 6 morning? Have you just started…
-I’m saying let’s break up.
-Okay, but that won’t happen, can’t we just call at 8pm and break up?

  • No, because it can’t be.
    -Is there someone else?

-It has to be someone else?
-Is not there?
-No, of course, I just want to be alone.
-Tell me from the beginning, you don’t want to leave me, you want to be alone. Will it be better when we break up, or let me ask, do you love me?

-I love it, but we talk in vain. This relationship has no future.
-Don’t talk like insurers, let’s get a car insurance.
-Okay. Come on, turn off the phone.
-Since you’re leaving, hang up.
-No, you turn it off first.
-I’ll turn it off first, and then you? How will he be? Do I hang up and call again?
-Okay, turn it off…
-I turned it off.

  • Well, it’s been too long, take care of yourself.
    -You too.
    -Come on.

Well, sometimes you can’t hang up, you experience situations like this, separation has come but you don’t know why you came, that phone doesn’t hang up, long conversations, you don’t know what to say…
It’s over, unnecessarily long conversations…

You take yourself and go. “Goodbye is something like this”…

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