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This is not losing

Sometimes time doesn’t heal anything. You already started life alone. It’s not about losing love. If you’re still alone, it means you’re stuck with life. Does winning love mean adding someone to your life? Even if the person you love is not with you, is it possible to love someone so much in your life? I love you so much like a baby. You love so much but you don’t know, you have already added to your life, you live with love. Every morning when you wake up, you have it on your mind, even if it’s not with you. You live lovingly, it doesn’t matter who lives. What if he’s not with you at all, will you complete this life defeated? Yes, we will not all be such lucky people. Finding love? There are still those who think that the taste of coffee does not change… When you drink it with someone you love, it doesn’t stay the same. Everything tastes different. Another article you wrote with her in mind… You love, maybe you love someone who will never be. We did not choose to be the people who wash the loneliness with tears. Our choice is to be perfectly alone. We wanted the impossible. We both loved and broke up. He didn’t know, sometimes we resent him. We live with it. There are people today who will sleep thinking about him. you or me. We own one, an imaginary person. Some of us are among those who will receive the most perfect solitude award… In short, I love you, don’t spare me a cup of coffee. Save me from loneliness, let your name be the only name I know. Let my memory remember no one but you.

What are you doing in your life if you’re afraid of losing me?

What’s your departure

How much can one night be yours, how much your love?

Who has the longest night?

The ones who were abandoned today?

How many letters to forget love?

How many years does each letter last?

What is your departure?

And would this world be drawn without you?

Is it good for a smoker?

If you’re going to go, don’t pass by my stop.

Don’t make me forget breakfast.

Don’t make my appetite say amen to the prayer that will not happen.

Sometimes he goes but no one comes. Pain tastes different.

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