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Someone going to Rihanna!!!

Someone fell in love Barbados today…

Someone continued to love.

Some people started to get used to it and again someone put an end to their relationship. This someone is you or me.

Someone Rihanna today.

Some have learned that they will be hurt for the rest of their lives, and some continue to live without seeing the sun even once. Today someone broke into the house for theft. Someone ate french fries. We are someone. Wishing to always be on the lucky side…

Someone read this article and thought, which one am I?

Are you all?

You want to hug a girlfriend.

Another girl comes into your life, for example, you like to watch movies with her.

With some girl you just want to talk, because you like the conversation.

Sometimes you know a girl and you wish you never knew.

In a way, life is all about your reactions to what comes your way, and we didn’t steal love from the angels.

What we call love was always piecemeal happiness. We couldn’t find it all, we were left alone because of it.

Goodbye Rihanna no matter what.

You can’t make a girl happy by loving too much. Make him feel different from others.


Being abandoned is a good thing, actually, one feels comfortable. “So you don’t want me now, do you?” you ask. He says ‘yes’. Okay, people get upset when they hear it, but that’s all, you stay with what you’re upset about. “Well, let’s see,” you say at most. Like, that’s what I call it. We’re not in the mood to swear that it’s over. Yeah yeah. I love him, he loves me but we broke up. Come now, when you see someone throwing sugar in your coffee, don’t remember him, come now don’t miss your voice and look What have you done! Ok, the sky is still blue but after we couldn’t look at it together…

See how you brought my end when even your sentences are endless. You couldn’t go from me, when did you learn to go?

We’re cool guys, even our solitude is another.

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