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Love is beautifull!!!

Love is a beautiful thing, so is loving and being loved, but the most beautiful thing is to be able to maintain a relationship. Not everyone has this talent, some are hurtful, they ruin the most beautiful moment, who thinks they didn’t break it, but with a single word, they smash their loved ones to the ground. The less we break and the more we possess, the longer and more peacefully we will walk. All our partnerships. A situation can have so many articulations, why choose the most offensive? Why should we upset the other person?

My girlfriend we were with was getting hairs on her lip and it bothered me, but she didn’t care. Sometimes he would even face it and say you have it too, lying on the ground and laughing. I was happy with him, I loved him but…. While thinking about how to sing it without breaking it, a song came to my mind.

”Seeds should turn into saplings, saplings into trees, trees into forests in my country…”

As the conversation continued like this, I suddenly thought. Was I really the bad one? Or was a bad girl worse than me? Especially talking to Allysa on this subject made me think more. I continued talking.

-My love, why don’t we have a song, I think it should be our song…
-Yes but you choose our song
-all right; ”seeds should turn into saplings, saplings should turn into trees…”
How is this a romance or look at the song you chose
I chose it for the three of us. You, me, Allysa.
-It’s not funny.

I don’t think it was funny at all, but it should have ended the badness.
A lot had changed in the past few days. She was now a well-groomed girl, no longer a mustache and could not smile at me like the actors in American movies. She is now a princess who is missing the seven dwarfs.

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