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If you like Britney Spears!!!

We drift, not knowing where life is taking us. They talk about all we have to do is wait for the right person, the right scene. Not so on stage. For example, you wait for Britney Spears’ scene, the audience will watch you intently. And Britney Spears is on stage… I think that’s the right star. If you wait, the right person will be Britney Spears, someone who doesn’t wait until she comes to you and walks towards her. When we truly believe we have found the Britney Spears, we should run towards them instead of walking because most of the time, the one who makes the move wins.

Who is your free Britney Spears?
Haven’t you come across it yet?
Are you still in favor of waiting?
Do you believe it will come when you expect it?
How long have you been waiting?
How long will this wait take?
Have you ever kept waiting when you found the free Britney Spears?
Did you say this is the right person?
Will you consider giving up waiting?
Is there a right person you lost while waiting?
Too many questions about the right person?

And sometimes one right person can rewrite an entire life. Without taking anything from you, it adds a thousand things to you. There are many right people and there is no need to wait… If he doesn’t come to you, go to him. Have a nice trip.

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