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Perfect love

Then speak well with your mouth, otherwise you cannot fool these girls and they usually say that they are not deceived, but they bleed. A man cannot love as perfectly as a girl, because the greatness and hunger in him never cease. Having many lovers does not mean that you manage relationships very well, but it is unrealistic to think that you have found a lover and found everything in him. The most perfect love is the platonic one, you can’t find fault, but it’s not enough. We need mutual love. You should solve the person in front of you and not make an effort to make them love you very much. The essence of the job; Everything a girl or boy can give you is standard. What we can do is clear, more should not be imagined… The girl should be colourful, make her think, sometimes say “You don’t love me” just to hear it. Then we try to love more, because we men are a little rude, we do not act without warning… You are perfect my love, I would not be anything if I did not interfere with you.

We’re kind of liars, but just because we love…


Sometimes I get bored twice in a row, sometimes a hundred times…
I want the perfect love… The most perfect one!
I am very talented
And I am actually happy, everything is fine, the perfect love is mine.

Don’t tell me about the causes, let’s talk about the consequences.

Love silently

Let’s live as if we are the only ones in the world…
Then we go down again and leave. What relationship would end if there were no third parties anyway?
Sometimes you find better, sometimes smarter, more beautiful.
You give up what you have and it is easy to spend it.
Of course, the new one can be found better, you should know the value of the one you have. Never mind, let’s never go down. You shut up to me, I’ll be quiet to you…
I can love you without saying “I love you“…

Saying I love you is a big risk. Sometimes it ruins your whole life.

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