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Life is all about perspectives but not everyone can think like you and some just focus on what they see. Life is a breath… His intelligence may allow this much or he may not know how to use his intelligence. Options can be multiplied, but too many options are always unnecessary and a waste of time. It’s as easy as a breath, in fact, the less things are left in between, the easier it is for a person to achieve what he wants. A person should be able to go beyond what he sees and eat blackberries at least once in his life… “What is fruit juice?” It is as breath and cruel as children who say it. They should be able to breathe as innocently as children. In fact, there is no need to be perfect, it is enough to be conscientious enough to miss what you have lost. It’s a slushy when you look at it in the simplest terms, but a whole childhood when you eat it.

What We Couldn’t Share

What I can’t say
What you haven’t heard
Those who can’t stay between us
What we can’t share
There is no forgiveness for our silences,
If it’s love, it’s love, if it’s breath a breath,
Every syllable should ring in your ear if you need to hear it…

People should also be held accountable for their silence.


If you find it in every song and you’re afraid of losing it,
In every sip of coffee you drink, and in the leading role of your sleepless nights, it is the picture of you burning, you are trapped in it as you approach love…
And although time passes, you can no longer do without it.
Breath, love is a breath, you are a breath…

What are you doing in my life if you’re not afraid of losing me?

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