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Love others

You choose a sentence and the rest comes. The important thing is to take the first step and love always takes courage. Most of us are silent, to be silent is to give up, and to give up is to end everything before it starts. Love means the question marks that remain in your mind and the change in your preferences… Loving others… We are not different from each other, we are ordinary and the best thing we can do is get enough of someone.

It happened when we thought, “What if he has a girlfriend”. How many steps have we taken back, how many sentences have remained within us.

Let’s just run

The pain is inexorable. No one can fully understand you… In any case, people don’t even understand themselves. Being clear is a two-person thing, and the second person always complicates things. In a world where people fully understand each other, there is no chaos, and the silence of a place wears out more than chaos. So don’t get me, just run with me. It doesn’t matter where we run.

I don’t really believe in love, but I do believe there is a girl I should love more than any other.

Is this luck

You don’t understand, because he doesn’t explain himself…
While you sleep, someone drinks, the cold air for you is just a night where they burn, and in fact, every loneliness is a choice.

We have hearts that are compelled to love. We are helpless, we are lacking.
We have spouses that we can’t find, things that we say can’t happen when we don’t have them, and we give up.

Let it come in such a way that it is not possible to say go, let’s love it as much as our childhood toys… Of course, loneliness is our strongest weapon without a bullet. The best thing about being alone is having no one to leave. I don’t know how lucky we are…

You don’t even have anyone to leave. You are so lonely…

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