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i tauggghttt!!!

I taught you everything you need to learn. I have taught sentences, some of which will not be used much. I taught lies that I never wanted you to use. I would like to say that I taught you to love, I couldn’t teach it, you already knew it.

Have you ever had a flying balloon? Have you ever missed it? Have you ever been caught in the wind? Will the flying balloon return? Right? He chooses death. Every freedom finally confronts a cruel truth. The sky is beautiful, but if you get too high, you die. Eventually, the flying balloon burst.

There are some people, the ones we love very much. We try to get away from them from time to time. It doesn’t matter why, but we’re probably broke. We move away for a certain distance, then we stay that way. It’s like dying while living. Like the bursting of a flying balloon…

I taught you to go and I’m still smarter than you because you still don’t understand me. These are the tactics left over from Hollywood movies. You don’t understand, you’re missing a lot. I taught you your shortcomings, and sometimes I hit you in the face.

I taught you to write, I already knew how to read. I taught you to write better. I taught him to dance with words, to write on his arrival. I taught him to consume sentences without fear. I taught them that they can write without an eraser.

Of course there’s a lot I haven’t taught, but you’re done. I have prepared you for the evil that life will throw at you. I taught you how a man can truly love. I was taught that love doesn’t pass through lips, maybe it’s just to hold your hand as you walk.

For example, I couldn’t teach you to dress tight in cold weather. I did not learn why you should not look at people’s faces too much. I couldn’t teach you that the point is not to come but to stay. You’re missing a lot.

I couldn’t teach you not to end on spurts. I’m telling you, we lack a lot. So were you the only one learning or not learning? I haven’t learned anything. Something I learned, or rather, I repeated what I knew.

No need to explain what I learned. You must be silent now. And one must be so silent. You should always be quiet. One should put the last words into it. If he doesn’t throw it in, it breaks a heart and and what’s the use of breaking a heart? I will write an article that you will not be able to read, even if you read it, you will not understand that it was written for you, even if you understand it will be too late…

Now is the time to walk with your hands in your pockets. It should turn off the phones and reset the memory. There is no need to set sail for a new love. You must live with what you learn, I must go with what you teach. It’s easier to leave than to stay. So we didn’t do the hard thing. We’re just leaving, we can’t speak for those who can afford to stay.
You’re going, I’m going…

A love couldn’t be finished more easily than this.

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