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CFE is affiliated with London Fashion Week in London. Wendy Malem is trying to closely follow the process of London fashion, which she says has a high potential to contribute to the future of world fashion. Participating in London Fashion Weeks, Malem’s most important advice to young London Designers is to create a unique design identity. “This is the only way to attract the attention of a commercial partner such as a retailer or an international brand. You will know who you are and underline your identity so that others realize they need you. A wardrobe, a boutique and a collaboration will make you accept your identity. Another point is to think internationally. It is remarkable that even the young designers, whom I learned from abroad, sometimes design based on London. If your target market is only London, it is understandable, but it is useful to look at the fashion we are talking about globally from a wider perspective.

It is also important to understand the design subcultures and principles in other parts of the world. Try to travel often, follow international fashion and design publications and world fashion weeks, ”Wendy Malem has a few notes on her impressions at London Fashion Weeks. “London designs have that glitz and glamor that everyone is looking for. However, many of the shows seem to have come from the same stylist and choreographer. When styling makes it difficult to see the whole, it becomes harder for the designer to assert his own identity. As a designer, intervene in every detail that doesn’t feel right to you. Do not say yes to an accessory that you think does not represent you. This is possible by gaining your identity as a designer again. There are models that are very successful, and those that are not good enough. If the walking model for you is not the ideal model to carry your clothes, do not make yourself believe that this is the only option and gouge. If necessary, wait at the subway station from morning to night, find the 15 right girls and persuade them to take the podium. Have faith in yourself and what you can do. Take control.”

CFE provides all kinds of support to fashion designers including strategic financial planning, international business development, marketing and manufacturing. “We know how to develop strategies to keep innovative businesses afloat,” Malem says.

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