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Love Jossiee!!!

The further you are from love, the closer you are, you cannot fully relate to anyone, but you are trapped inside. You get hurt just because you love, he thinks it is a disease, you are jealous. This is love of sleep. Sometimes things you don’t want happen, Josie does it out of spite. It takes you to unexpected places, it takes your mind to other places, it leaves you there, cold or hot, cold from loneliness and love. One loves some people very much and knows that sometimes they are cheated on and being cheated on isn’t just about making love to someone else. Even that is cheating, as long as you know how she’ll feel if she eats the dessert she didn’t eat with you. You love such people that you never bleed for them and they will never be irreplaceable. Some are different because they are the first, while others are just because they are thought to be the last…

You wear out, you wear out, you are different, you love differently, you love more than you can imagine. They don’t understand you, they don’t want to understand you, they can’t understand, they don’t want you to understand either. Maybe this life is designed for you to be alone and write thousands of articles. Even if you can’t get into Josie’s heart, you can get into the hearts of thousands. Kissing is like this, your lip burns, you burn. You burn without kissing, you say you kissed, you say you love you, you say that you are loved… When you are alone, you will understand everything, you will face the truth, you will be ignored in a street, do you say that? I love it, I beat the words for it. Don’t understand, don’t tell, child, don’t blame others, visualize it.

All relationships are destroyed.

It’s a miracle that two people can stay together without being worn out.

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