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They had love that those before us couldn’t tell. Sometimes people are silent, even most of the time. What we put in is equal to the people outside us. Maybe if you don’t keep quiet, it will be with you, but you stay silent because the risk of being silent is zero.

People are more lonely when they don’t take risks. Especially men have such problems. Girls are a little more relaxed. You know, this is something that comes from the philosophy of “men take the first step”. Although we do not know who invented this philosophy. We do not know whether we need such a philosophy or not. Uncertainty prevails in our lives.

There are people who die by pouring their love into it. You will probably be one of them, or go to someone with the effect of this article;

You will say “I actually love you“. This sentence could be that three letter thing. So you can be an ass. Is not getting love in return to be an ass? That’s debatable.

No one understands by themselves. So you can’t hear a sentence from a girl like: “I think you love me, I’ve been feeling that way for a long time. I saw that you have nothing to say, I said I will tell you. “So sometimes you have to take risks and talk. If there is no risk, it does not exist.

One should know well what he wants. For example, I love solitude. Loneliness is good, once it doesn’t trip, it doesn’t send a message and wait for a reply. He doesn’t ask what you did today. It has its flaws, of course. No one can embrace loneliness.

Now, if I can’t walk the paths I walked with you with someone else, it’s not because I forgot those paths, but because I couldn’t forget you.

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