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Forget, Miss… What Do You Understand?

What do you understand now

Some people do not understand you even if they want to understand, some people want to understand but cannot. People often want you to explain to them in order to understand you. For example, I do not like to give explanations and I think that people should live without explanations. It’s like every brave man has a way of eating yogurt. I write something. You understand one thing, someone else understands something else. Some people say what is this man saying. Some read it over and over, each time making different meanings. Understanding is something that is in your hands, you know, as they say, “The person knows the job on his own”…

There are times when all the meanings come to her.

You have no escape

Cold nights make you hostile to yourself, you can’t hear your voice, you miss, you just miss, and missing is actually something learned. Some miss very well, you may not be as good as them. Actually, the possibility of getting what you miss depends on you and your life. You can’t get what life has taken from you, even if you are the best person in the world, but if it’s something you lost, missing it can be a solution. People sometimes kill each other and even if they say “you died for me” while they leave, the dead also miss, he doesn’t know. While missing, it dies once more, and to love does not go away once you die… Even if you die every day, it does not pass… You miss it, you have no escape.

And if one day will come, why delay that day?

I forget anyway

One should not end by saying “I’ll forget anyway” while loving… It seems easy to give up like that, it hurts if you don’t forget words and time passes by. Burning is your job now, time pays the price for saying “I’ll forget anyway”. You pay, you pay, it’s not over.

Of course, there will be some that you will not forget.

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