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Fall in love

Sometimes you fall in love and love usually makes you happy. Maybe love is a temporary stupidity, maybe it’s permanent. You don’t want it to be anyone but him and there will be no one else. Sometimes he doesn’t understand you, but you are in love with him. Falling in love is like devaluing yourself. When the soul relaxes the brain puts itself on hold and the truth is this relaxation is not good for the soul. That’s how it is to fall in love!

Sometimes the phone rings and she’s not the caller.

After you

If I say after you, his mind will go elsewhere.

All your sentences are actually handcuffed and I’m not free at all. Sometimes I think while writing and I don’t want to think because thinking slows people down… The speed of words coming out of the mouth and the speed of writing on paper, of course, cannot be. same. Maybe I’m taking advantage of it. Sometimes I get depressed like this and of course there are things that I can’t tell anyone. We are human, beyond no more. If the other person does not have as different perspectives as you and that person, you are a prisoner without four walls. You want him to understand, he doesn’t understand, maybe his capacity is that much, maybe he has conditioned himself. They say use your brain; they are not wrong…

We love the same girl

If I’m not kissing you, it’s not because I don’t want to kiss you, it’s because I can’t bear to kiss you. I am such a man, no one knows this better than you. If I’m not looking into your eyes, it’s not because I don’t like to look at you, it’s because I forget everything when you look at me, and no one knows that but you. I am such a man, I always say, I love you when you come… When you come to me, when you come again… And there is a man inside me who never shuts up, I don’t know how he knows you, either. We love the same girl.

Writing you means returning to you.

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