Gisele -kissed- me too

Kissed love!!!!

What are we chasing, who are we giving up for, how sincere are we to the people we love?… Saying “me too” to someone who says “I love you” or saying “me too”, that is, 4 extra “e”s. Are we more friendly when we put the letter ‘? There are those who leave everything aside, I cannot be one of them. I love you more when you say “I kiss you” instead of “I kissed you“. It’s like my cheeks trembling. A person cannot always feel an earthquake in his heart, and the excitement we feel is not from love. We have a soul that we barely have or that we do have. Love is something else, it doesn’t look like anyone else, when we sleep like this, it’s like falling and we wake up, that’s what we can call love.

Love is sweating and drying in an instant. Some girls complain about being cheated on and most have never been cheated on yet. The things we complain about are the things we fear will happen to us rather than the things we experience. There are people around you who are happier than you, your happiness doesn’t make any sense, and when you look from the outside, others are happier than you. But the kid who doesn’t have money to go to the movies? The one who sees the big screen only at home, watches the television from behind the curtain and tries to get a taste of cinema. I am not saying it cannot be, if there is a dream involved and there is no opportunity to realize it, there will be someone who does it. How lucky are we? At least we know there is such a thing as cinema.

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