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We should be able to complement each other nicely. We cuddle and watch movies, you make coffee, I give you a massage. This is very nice. Some days we don’t leave the house at all.

  • Likely to happen?
    After the age of 30, it is as likely as the sagging of the breasts. Is this nice?
  • Haha. Nice, so you say 50%.
    I was expecting 100% Nice, from you.
    One should always leave a margin of error in life.
    +Everything can look nice. A man like you should be sure of everything, nothing should be impossible for you.
  • The wise are always in doubt, the fools are arrogantly confident.
  • why me?
    Because your boobs are so nice.
  • Is it just that?
  • This can not be.
  • Then what else?
  • I just wanted to have a dream with you in it, that’s all.
    +Dreams will come true one day, I believe that.
  • Me too.

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