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Good person

You may be a prostitute in your past… A person may not be able to get rid of his past. Some people think sometimes. Why did this happen? Or, why did I live these things, he remains alone with the questions. In fact, it’s a shame that hundreds of men have breasts touched, because even if you live as a prostitute, you’re human and you don’t have to have untouched breasts to be a good person. Now think again. Your future is in your past, not anyone else’s, that you can get rid of.

Everything is in your face

There is such a thing as getting used to someone’s face. There’s even the forgetting of someone’s face. There is being bored in someone’s face in a relationship. What could this be a sign of? I wonder if there is a breakup again… You don’t want to see the person you love more often, maybe yours was a love story, that’s the story you know, love aside… Being bored on a person’s face, that’s a terrible thing. There are people who stay in love with each other for a lifetime, I can’t stay. Sometimes after all, I just want her to make beautiful cakes. Relationship is talent, love means self-renewal. Falling in love with a brunette girl and crossing over with blondes.

Falling in love with a brunette girl and having sex with a blonde girl. I’m not alone, most of us have taken the pill when it comes to relationships. Then let’s sing a song against the sea and the salty waters, let’s pray that we don’t get bored of each other’s faces while the waves hit our faces. By the way, I didn’t forget the cake thing, I think you can make a nice cake.

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