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So lonely

Sometimes it is necessary to give up, one must live in peace with time. It is as if he should love time as well as leaving everything to time… Time does not always offer a solution and those who are left to time are unaware of it. Some things must be separated from each other; like loving and making love… What you’re looking for may not really be a lover because a lover can only make you happy by their presence. In short, you can love without touching, and breast sizes do not matter. For example, the man you love may not have adonis and you love a man like a matchstick while you dream of an adonis lover. If time offers you this, you will experience it. Loving takes something very different and time. Sometimes what you leave to time is someone else’s. You didn’t go, this is your life! It’s a way of saying it. He must hold her hand tight, the more hands, the more loneliness; The more people, the more dissatisfaction.

Sometimes all you have is the ability to think about it.

To touch

There is such a thing as touching, there is feeling, and there is jealousy of someone who is not yours. Being jealous of something that is not yours and cannot be. There is writing to a girl from afar, waiting for an answer. Sometimes your heart beats very differently. It’s nice to love someone who isn’t yours, because there is such a thing as being yours, and you are looking for yourself in every sentence. Sometimes you love without even hearing your voice, because sometimes you love and sometimes you don’t understand where your heart is beating. You love like that sometimes, always jealous of someone who will never be yours…

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