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Fall in love

Sometimes you fall in love, why don’t you need to search. You may want to fall in love even while listening to the song. For example, some songs are not listened to alone. When he is fall in love, he listens differently, but he calls him to him whether in his head or in his chorus… Actually, people are self-sufficient and we have people who turn up the volume of music a lot. He found a song called our song the other day, I saw that this is not our song. The person who dies for you may die for someone else in a few months. Just because of this, falling in love, loving someone so much is not very attractive to me…

Of course, people’s feelings can change, but the real talent is the excuses you find every day to love the person in front of you once again. This is exactly the respect people have for relationships. I love you today, I will find a reason tomorrow. Then I will discover you again and love you again. I have nothing else to do but you.

We don’t need reasons, but there’s nothing like knowing why you love.

Loneliness is good

Sometimes I want to be an empty person. Let me sit by the sea from morning to evening, for example, let me stay in a mountain house in winter. I count the leaves that fall in autumn. Spring comes, I eat green plums. I don’t like the weather of New York, it’s literally poisonous. I don’t like any big city. I am one of the 7 billion people who want to get away with it. Let’s have someone we love next to us and let’s go. Loneliness is good, nice, but sometimes people want to hug…

Loneliness is like being you I guess.

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