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I miss my exes, but I miss the girl who brought me tangerines in college. She said that she ate mandarin during the conversation. I said go to me, the next day I looked in his bag with mandarin, he’s looking for a me on campus. I ate that missing that day… Now this girl has a missability. ‘MISSING’ is a very important thing.

People can remember when they want to remember or do nothing to remember. The lower brain is something that is constantly working and you are always in it. I don’t know if good things can be written by reading a lot. Not the last time, but in one of the books I read, it was said that when you do a job for 10 thousand hours, you become a professional in that job. Maybe reading a lot just makes us a very good reader. Reading and writing are very different things, I never delete my first sentence when I start writing. When you delete the first sentence, you lose all trust and you cannot write without trust.

In fact, one cannot do anything without trust.

It’s one thing to be strong, another to be a slut…

One must create othernesses, one must change…

There must be sentences you love, you must find someone, someone you are happy to read, someone you can read until you throw up and you cannot reach. How silly and charming you are, from afar but never close to you…

Life is a pile of questions you can’t answer, thinking and living are not things to be done at the same time. You have a heart and a mind that you don’t get tired of. If people had exhausted their brains as much as their hearts, they might have discovered that breasts weren’t all that attractive.

Where exactly is happiness hidden, and what is the reason for the sadness that descends on us when there is nothing? In summary, I do not like articles that write a summary at the end. If there was a summary, they ask the man why are you making us read it for two hours.

In summary, tangerine is a beneficial food that strengthens memory.

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