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Most of us have very few strategies at hand for solving problems. When faced with a new situation, we resort to our existing strategies.

This is a big mistake. Let’s listen to the advice of Generak George Patrton: “One should not make a strategic plan and try not to fit the conditions into a plan. The person should make (strategic) plans suitable for the situation he is in. The success or defeat of the command center is determined by its ability or inability to make appropriate strategies for the situation.

Don’t think about applying an existing strategy to your situation. Instead, it requires you to develop a strategy that fits the situation.

There is a method to help you do this. A method that will allow you to quickly observe the situation you are in and develop a strategy that fits your situation.

This method is the strategic communication method.

The myth of hidden harmony in humans, tricks:

  1. Understanding each other well cannot solve all problems. A better understanding of each other can lead people to distance themselves from each other. Generally, the more you understand the other person, the less you like them.
  2. Think carefully before you say your true intentions. You may think that your original intentions match the thinking of the person in front of you. But beware of the three traps.
  • Expressing your intention can give the other person the opportunity to exploit you.
  • If you reveal your purpose, the other person may compete with you to achieve your purpose before you do.
  • Your true intention may create a conflict between you and the other person

  1. Before you speak your mind, think carefully about what you want to do: Do you want to express yourself or persuade the other person? Don’t think that expressing yourself without paying attention to your words is a good way to resolve matters.
  2. While your current strategy can help you understand better with your partner, it can also do you great harm.

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