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to love, to loved

Because I loved you on a Thursday night, I fell in love with you. People love Friday, they get old when they want Friday to come. You incur big losses for small happiness in this life. For example, if you don’t love Thursday night again, if you want to love it, you can’t. Do you understand? You wouldn’t understand because Thursday is a fairy tale for you…

When you love, you don’t get cold from it even in winter, but the conditions are right, you get cold and all you have to do is give up. As cold as you want, be burned somewhere, can you fall in love?. You know, they say in the song, “This burning heart, the snow of the mountains is not enough.” Can you burn, can you stop disappearing, ask yourself new questions: “Can you come back?” “Can you love again?”

Life does not give without it, everything you love will bring you a little closer to the end.

best song

Remind me of yourself because I am forgetful. I’m like the Xtina songs you know, in short, “I can’t find my way without you.” So how far can love stay on your fingers… If the sentences don’t catch, the song will.

As it says in the song: don’t look when I’m silent, I don’t have the strength to speak, understand me. ‘Everything is meaningless, isn’t it? We have unhappiness in our genes. We can’t get together0 once we’re late or we can’t catch up. It’s not just me, you have these contradictions too.

We are covered, the music is low, I want to shout at you when I can’t call… Everything aside, you’re on my hands, they don’t understand us because when the heart is written backwards, there are songs in the record, and you are my most beautiful song.

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