As Barbie Extra Sings

Barbie Extra

Barbie remind yourself because I’m extra forgetful. you know I’m like Xtina songs, in short, “Without you, I can’t find my way.” So how far can love stay on your fingers, into Barbie’s extra world… If sentences don’t live, songs live Barbie extra.

As she sings in the song, Barbie; “Don’t look at my silence, I don’t have extra strength to speak, understand me.” Isn’t everything meaningless? We have unhappiness in our genes. We can’t pack up, once we’re late, we can’t catch up. Contradictions like children’s toys… Not only Barbie, you also have these extra contradictions.

We are not covered, the extra music is low, I want to shout Barbie’s to the world of games… Everything aside, you are on my hands, they don’t understand us because when the heart is written backwards, there is a record, there are extra songs in it and my most beautiful song is Barbie….

Barbie extra you are worthless

Sometimes you can’t sleep, you want to play with Barbie dolls and sleep is the last thing you do. You want to rest to be Barbie, when you sleep, the extra disappears in your dream, at that moment you are different and your existence is unprotected. You know, if they loved you, you wouldn’t understand while you were sleeping, but if they frightened you, you would be afraid. Is it extra so hard to love Barbie?

What are you doing extra besides being emotional, Barbie?

I’m trying to fall in love Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend) part-time but I can’t.

But everyone thinks they are valuable. How precious is love, can Barbie dolls carry that much value?

Think about this, for example… What is the purpose of walking the distance that the train will pass when we don’t even want a needle to pass between us?

You think I sleep extra with Barbie… Do you love me when I sleep, Barbie? Or are you strong enough to make me feel extra? Do you have any extra happiness you lost in someone else, Barbie?

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