Because You are Human

It’s like human are always human… There are exceptions; some are many human, some are not. There are those among them who ask, “Why me?” And there is no answer for why it is you… Thinking is not enough. A human lives with reasons but cannot hold accountable reasons, he thinks he is only asking, and every issue can be taken to the desired side depending on the human in front of him.

Now that you’re human, there are things you don’t like and the way you tell what you don’t like. Here you become human. When you think you are as strong as someone else… But you are not strong. However, he is not strong either, but you are weak, he is not weak. One must choose one of the sentences and put it in his pocket. Not everyone can do this, but you can. You are not one of them, you are understanding, you can be understood.

The basis of man is to love, approach with love or stay away with love. Sometimes you just don’t get close because you love. You are your fire and it is no different than a truckload of tubes in front of you. That’s why you burn, to love is to burn sometimes, and every subject can bring it to the desired place. Any subject can be taken to the desired place without saying thank you. One should live without saying goodbye, because you are human…

To love is not always to approach, sometimes you love from afar, from afar.

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