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Peoples plural Cyprus!!! 😍

My life is full used to say that people grow with what they put into them. Maturity is the accumulation of a people in the works for which he fought. People can fall in love and it is necessary to love someone very much at least once. “Life is not a place where you can be alone,” he said that day. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t understand, I was a child, I was put in the place of a man, I was listening.

There are certain periods in people’s lives and thanks to these periods, they head somewhere. You constantly learn something. Some people put what they learn in their pocket. For some, it goes in one ear and disappears out of the other.

I used to love watching the snowfall from the window. I wish I had a glass house when I was a kid, but it will be warm inside. There is no such thing as being cold. Already the most ridiculous dreams are set when you are a child. For example, I fell in love as a child, then nothing happened. I didn’t try. Love is something worth fighting for.

I had a boot that was plastic, not fur. Don’t look, some people have a lot of pain in their life. The subject is far beyond the bot… There are people who don’t talk. Who sometimes wants something with his eyes… His room is always hot, he doesn’t like cold. I was in love back then, then I forgot to miss.

Life punishes us. I don’t know if we should call it punishment, but I know that the most valuable thing is family. “One cannot change one’s family,” said my uncle. I used to wonder if we have to love what we can’t change. Of course we weren’t, but I loved it too much and writing was to write articles from start to finish in a notebook.

When one leaves it to time, one can say ok I am and I can’t get enough of a man who has become. You know, sometimes you cut your nails deeply; Well, you haven’t been yet…

Being begins with hurting yourself. I’ve had relationships that I wanted to be jealous of but couldn’t. I couldn’t be on this subject, I was raw.

If they put hundreds of pages in front of me and say to fill them with words tomorrow, I can’t fill them. Writing is another; You don’t go to write, he comes to you, if it gets boring, run away.

Of course you have faults, you loved someone who didn’t deserve it at all. It’s like saying some songs wrong… In short, making them up… There are also people who say “type doesn’t matter to me”. I think they are liars.

Sometimes you listen to Britney Spears. Sometimes Xtina. There are girls who say they have never listened to jazz in my life. ”You did well baby” Already your mother; She grew up with “Call me maybe”.

In the meantime, maybe you can.

People definition grow and shrink

Maybe someone has already learned things that you haven’t learned yet. That’s why it’s good to read new books, watch new movies, and meet new people. It does not take anything away from you, on the contrary, it adds a lot. For example, you grow up and learn that you have to shrink as you get older… You learn to drink coffee that has cooled, but it’s not like I’ll drink it instead of going to waste. You should love cold coffee because if your coffee is cold, there is a reason and the biggest reason is you.

In fact, you have no one to blame, you are the reason for everything.

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