The People Memory of a Coffee

People leave love behind

I say that people forget the lie. The absence of someone to seek only for profit. For example, don’t forget the memory of a coffee.

They shouldn’t talk to each other like that. Because talking behind your back and laughing nudes at each other makes me sick to my stomach.

Is it difficult to live humanly? There is a saying, “Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to yourself.” I wish every discussion was thought through at the moment.

People broke each other and drenched the city.

They left as if nothing had happened.

I say that even if they are going to go, they should leave a solid heart for the people who come.

But I know, the order can’t be fixed with what I say. A little hope is needed for people to get better. Let’s put it this way: I choose the people who are reading these lines right now. Yes, you are now the chosen one. Write down all the habits you see missing today on a piece of paper. I know, some confessions are difficult, but believe me, it works. Yes, did we write? Fix these. Take empathy, for example. Promise yourself not to lie, even a little. Learn not to break. Then pass it on to a friend. This is how this world will be fixed.

Just she is people plural

When you fall in love, there is nothing left to do. It doesn’t matter if you are the most handsome man in the world or the most beautiful girl in the world. Even if you have a million fans, you can’t look back people plural. When you have him in mind, the people around you don’t make any sense. Sometimes you know it will end, you love it so much, you don’t want it to end, but it’s over, you know. It’s like not having coffee at home, you like coffee that doesn’t exist, but it’s gone, you can’t drink it. You have to go out for a new cup of coffee, but you can’t find love by going out, it finds you when you want…

When you get used to it peoples’ correct

And I really don’t want to be valuable in someone else’s heart. Maybe that’s where I don’t fit the best. Sleep me on your breasts, maybe then I’ll grow up. I can go to a place far from you, but I cannot go to a place where you are not. Maybe the world is not just America… Maybe every place is different, every place is different, but people carry it with them when they’re happy peoples’ correct… For example, you can go as far as you want but you can’t escape, running away is nothing but deceiving yourself. How can a person run away when they are in the same place? And can the word “take care” empty a heart? Think about it, then love me again. No, you’ll go again, I got used to it.

Without delay people

Today might be the last day I can say I love you. If we had as long a life as a butterfly, we wouldn’t have waited this people long to said I love you.

Yes, we are often afraid to said people “I love you”.

Sometimes it turns out that we are a liar, of course it has an effect.

Anyway, maybe today’s butterfly is you or me…

Maybe tomorrow we will have our last day.

I love you. No need to be late.


God damn it, it comes to your mind sometimes… You can’t be careless, you like it when it comes to your mind. Then someone from the opposite road waves, you change your way, the customer gets in the car. You forget, you forget what comes to your mind at that moment, not because you think how much the taximeter will write, but because you want to forget it. You see a girl in a red coat on the road. Let’s not forget, it won’t be morning tonight.

Sometimes you miss for no reason.


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