Life Style

A Summer Morning Every Moment

I brought you peace from every moment

If I lean on your shoulder like this every moment. If I forget everything, if I get old, should stay there.

What’s inside of me, if I finish and lose all my sadness. If I run away and come to you on a summer morning every moment.

If you are smiling without question, every moment open the doors of your heart.

When you every moment smile, all the pain goes in between commercials.

If I lean on your every moment heart like this, if I say it’s solid now, my back will be.

I wish I could trust you with my eyes closed and love you with my heart open.

How every moment well loved your smile is in the dead of night, in the middle of summer, in the frosty winter.

If I take a step and fall into the abyss inside me. If I soar in the clouds in your eyes every moment.

The blues are over here.

Let me every moment kiss your heart. Do not make me wait. Come before all my love gets cold.

Actually every moment with you

Actually, you’re not the answer to any of my questions, but I love it.
I can’t say it’s okay if you don’t, I love it.
It is better to walk with you, I also like to walk.
I love your walk.
I love that you’re afraid of cars.
I love when you cross the street, watching me eat something.
I love that you are happy with me.
You’re trying to make me another man.
That’s how you accept it, I like the way you accept it.
You love to read me, you love me.
I love you.
Not like every other person, I love you differently.
He is not like any ordinary man.
It is not like ordinary sentences.
I love you with another alphabet.
That you can’t go when I say go
I love the way you get sad looking behind me.
We are enough for us, I love us.

I love youuuuu

Life is made up of sentences. <I love you> may be the most classic and the most meaningful sentence, but it is very old. Maybe they got old… It doesn’t give me much excitement. I love original stuff. For example, my darling should say to me, “You’re on the other side of shopping”. If he can’t find anything to talk about, he should say “Anything else?”… He should say “Next?” It should make you feel like you want to talk to me. Why should I not seek to love him? Every sentence should have a reason. Let the evil eye not touch us, let him love a little imperfectly. Say “I love you” “I love you”.

Stay with me

My love is not instant.
You know well that I will spread it over time.
Don’t look away, I’ll catch you at the slightest glance.
Do not be afraid.
Don’t be afraid to tell you that you love me.
I stay as far away as I can.
Don’t worry, I won’t share it with anyone.
Only you know that you love me
Don’t count me out, I don’t know unless you say so.
No need to look from afar.
You can come with me.
Tell your love if you want, as if you love someone else.
I listen, I don’t get bored.
Don’t look into your eyes, I won’t be offended either.
If it takes longer, I’ll understand what you’re talking about.
It’s like all my moments were wasted.
Words must end…
It’s the hardest going, but it doesn’t suit you to show it.
Say goodbye to the easiest with a relaxed attitude.
I will shut up at that moment, but please stay with me bye.

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