We are Full of Scary Movies Dead Ends

Don’t wait scary movies

Without realizing it, we are depleting and consuming whatever is beautiful inside us scary movies on Netflix. For better or worse, we spend the beauty within us scary movies. We poured oceans from our eyes into our hearts for those who do not feel sorry for us. As if they deserve it! We are in the middle of paths we were afraid to start. We’re halfway through. We’re halfway. We leave the dreams, scary movies the teas in the cups unfinished. Cities witnessing the transparent drops of blood flowing from the eyes of innocent people at night.

We are full of scary movies dead ends. Your tears also call it helplessness because we try and we win. Sit down, suffer like pashas, both your pain and your love. But don’t tell anyone. Scary movies don’t try to win the person who doesn’t want you. You cannot win, there is no such world. Expecting love from people who turn your spring into winter is like planting seeds in a stone.

Scary movies Shall we let go?

The time you spend cursing others, you should spend cursing to be thankful for yourself. There is so much about life. Who knows how many people we want evil. Who knows how many people we hate. Maybe the events in Scary movies are different. People may have done us harm scary movies. The results are always the same, but we hate scary movies someone.

We don’t like that in scary movies. We are wasting our time even for this. Talking about people we hate, these conversations are a complete waste of time. Do yourself a favor today, don’t think about those bad people, forget about the stakes you ate, the scary movies you watched. Don’t let your heart get dirty while you sleep tonight. Sleep without hating anyone. You will open your eyes more easily in the morning. Because you will wake up with a clean heart.

Just you scary movies

It is not necessary to know the value of people, it is enough to know your own value. Confidence when you look in the mirror. Look at yourself for a long time, think and look.
Then look again.
Look again.
See how real it is.
See how lonely you are.
Look right into your eyes.
You can’t look anyone in the eye.
Look into your own eyes. Take a long look.
See your truth.
Actually, there is nothing beyond you.
Only you, only you.

Before scary movies death

No, we are no different from ants. We can think a little… It’s like the night we don’t sleep without making love. We are influenced by each other. There are things we can’t afford. Some of us are very bad, some of us are angels without wings. We are the people of this world who produce, consume and consume. Don’t look, the sky is a beautiful thing and I love the sea. I don’t hate the cold and I wouldn’t say no to a coffee. I don’t take time to believe in love, but I can give a lot of time to live. Sometimes one can live without believing. You believe after living, what’s wrong with that? Tell me, don’t you get tired of trying to make sense of it? Let’s push this world a little harder and do what those before us did. We get married, have children, etc…. Then we die. Like ants, it’s on us, take care of yourself until you die.

we disagree

Sometimes you think you are not understood. That they don’t want to understand you. Sometimes you think you can’t explain. Sometimes it doesn’t matter at all. You only care about results. There is nothing you can do and it doesn’t change anything if someone understands you. That’s when you realize that being understood is not so important. You go back to your childhood and you think of the moments when you ran aimlessly for hours. Grown-ups don’t understand why you’re running. In fact, not being understood is the gift of those times to us.

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