Barbie Big City Big Dreams

Barbie Without you dreams

Barbie songs and every melody and dreams are the pains you left in me. Darkness wears another black on it. He’s playing dreams other life’s games. Seagulls vomit the bagel they ate. The tea is getting cold. Movies that need to be watched are not released. Dreams come to an end.

The streets Barbie that we shouldn’t walk are multiplying. Cherry tomatoes are getting a raise. The love that has to be lived drowns in dreams. And I’m swimming. Although I struggle in my dreams that fall into the water, I am swimming. I don’t even know why you left. And I gave up on you as the dreams to your departure.

Often there are dreams that fall into the water, neither water nor Barbie dreams are responsible for it. There is nothing wrong with Barbie dreams built on people who don’t deserve it. It’s our fault. Sometimes they seem so realistic that we find ourselves believing them.

However, I didn’t want to have a picnic with you the most. I thought maybe you could eat the cookies you made the night before. My dreams are beautiful with you Barbie.

But it doesn’t matter if you come now. Cherry tomato has a raise. To my heart too. You can’t enter the heart that you once had Barbie with your cheap dreams, even if you offered love to me like a man.

Some things are worth more when they are gone. Sometimes a trip adds a lot to a person. Sometimes we overvalue things that have no value at all.

This heart, whose place you find strange,
One day he will appear in front of you and demand an account from you.
And you won’t be able to give a single answer

Sunday unhappiness

There is such a thing as sunday unhappiness. You know, no matter what you do, you can’t be happy, it won’t. Every Monday is a start, and life unfortunately consists of Mondays. Some days don’t give people the opportunity to be themselves. You cannot do what you want. Basically, you have to sleep early, you can’t sleep. A person should be able to sleep as much as he wants in the morning and the roads should steal as little as possible from his life. There are times when everyone is fed up with their life. In general, what life says, you stay put, you get what life gives.

No one will give you the opportunity to be you.

Comfortable big city

Sometimes you fall in love and love usually makes you happy. Maybe it’s a temporary stupidity, maybe it’s permanent. Sometimes he doesn’t understand you, but you are in love big city. Falling in love is kind of like devaluing one’s self. While the soul relaxes, the brain puts itself on hold and the name of the job is that such comfort is not good for our soul.

Sometimes the phone rings and she’s not the caller.

What do you understand now Barbie

Some people do not understand you even if they want to understand, some do not want to understand, some want to understand but cannot. People often want you to explain to them in order to understand you. For example, I do not like to explain and I think that people should live Barbie without explanation. It’s like having a yogurt for every valiant. I write something. You understand one thing, someone else understands other things. Some say what is this man saying? Some read it over and over, each time making different meanings. Understanding is something that is in your hands, and you know, as they say, “One can do it for himself”… You understand what works for you, but when I write, I don’t think about where it comes from.

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