I’ll Look For Ways To Make You More Happy

Sometimes I get very angry with you. I’m hurting you just because I’m angry. I know happy that. Yes, I know, even if I don’t do it on purpose.

If I hurt you, especially if I get angry and do this, you don’t have to worry for a second that I love you. You know what you have to worry about, miss? We are likely to ask ourselves the question, “How can we sustain this happiness any longer?”

Of course I’ll upset you when you’re with me. Of course, maybe I will involuntarily make you cry because you broke it. I will cause this, but I will also make you happy. I will look for ways to make you more happy myself.

I’m more like, ‘How long can I hide in a woman’s smile? ‘ I ask the question. And the answers to that lie within me. And every man who loves should be able to question in the face of the woman he loves. The woman he loves should have good ones, not wishfulls. He should be able to do this. A man who can achieve this truly loves.

And young lady, I always forgive you when I see your sleepy eyes in your pajamas.

You are the farthest place I can go from you. May all your escape points be towards me. Is it possible?

Why not?

Let me be the way you go.

And with every step you step on, my heart goes to you.


Really look, I haven’t had my eye on much. My eyes were only on you. This was too much for my eyes.

I’m not saying you love me too much. Don’t worry about me, it’s ok for him too. Will you stay a person who is worth the pain I suffer for you?

I just want this from you.

I can say, “This is the woman I love!”, even if I writhe in pain.

“I’ve never asked anything from you until now. Can you do me a favor?”

”What’s that?”

“The best thing I can do is to love you?…”

Don’t stop asking me to love you. You can take whatever you want when you go. I don’t have an eye for anything. keep this up to me….

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