It’s Time To Balance, Not Be Afraid

We are faced with a very new agenda; We are afraid and rightly so. On the other hand, instead of being a prisoner of fear, we also have a responsibility to recover as soon as possible and stay in balance.

We are a country whose agenda is always mixed, where suffering and death are experienced very often

Just when we were saying, “Are we taking the pain for granted?”, such an event happened that all our balances were upset… We are in doubt because we are unsure of whom to believe, we have great fears because we do not know what will happen next. Many of us have no experience of coups, but we have read so much about it that we are right to be afraid. Moreover, this time the scenario is much more complex. Some of us have locked themselves in balance their homes, some of us have completely closed their eyes to the news, some are on the screen every second… There are those who try to cope with humor, and those who start their preparations for living in another country… But on the other hand, we have a huge responsibility! What will we do to be beneficial to ourselves, our loved ones and our country? We sought the opinions of three different domain names. Although the sentences are different, the message is the same: We will continue to live by staying at our center, focusing on the positive, and making unity easier.

“Let’s not focus on what we can’t change.”

How do you observe the psychology of the society after what happened on the night of July 15?

July 15 was a pretty heavy night for all of us. At that time on Friday evening, the question of “What are we doing tomorrow?” was replaced by the panic of “Alas, what are we going to do?”. So many things changed at once. Doubt began to creep in balance. With the question “Who is telling the truth?”, which causes even the symptoms of paronaid disorder, he activated the unrealistic glances at the reality, which seems to be too big to be removed.

A picture was drawn as if the breakfast to be had the next morning, the workplace or places to visit, that is, the things that made us who we are, were taken from us overnight. ‘Is there a sequel? Where is the country going? Will I be unemployed? Concerns such as “What will my future be?” began to emerge. As a result, there were people who applied to us with symptoms at a level that could be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or even a panic attack. Others, instead of evaluating the situation, preferred to “deny” or “change direction” from the psychological defense mechanisms in order to create the opportunity to cope, and started to act as if such a problem did not exist. The most important point here is actually: everyone is in balance a state of serious shock and we know that shock does not come out of nowhere. Gradually, as we go to the old order and the flow in daily life, we enter a healthy normalized life again. Here, it will be possible with the point where it is fast, and by getting it in order. The way to get out of this shock as quickly as possible is to continue with whatever the current order requires. Thus, instead of feeling powerless and unqualified as a result of the authoritarian approach, returning to the order that enables him to realize himself will remind the person of the “self” that he has forgotten with panic, and the person will begin to feel power again.

Continuation of such social events, the feeling of hatred increases. What is the way to turn the situation into a positive one and to ensure that these experiences were not in vain?

Such big events cause him to behave uncontrollably with the thought “I have nothing to lose anymore”. It is very dangerous. The way to prevent this is, first of all, that people do not ignore the problems they may experience in other areas of their lives, along with their instantaneous reactions. On the other hand, it is a different thing when a person comes out on a calm side and takes out his anger and goes out when he does not see anyone who acts with him; It is another thing that people who are angry with each other can act uncontrollably for a purpose they think they have in common. My most important advice is; Acting in a controlled and virtuous manner by warning each other, and supporting each other in this sense, based on the fact that the most valuable thing that makes a person human is his intelligence, reason and communication skills that he has succeeded in turning in balance his favor.

It seems that people are very scared. For example, the post that started with “The situation is very bad…” and spread rapidly on social media became a proof of the fear of “What if something happens to me!”. What is the way to deal with fear?

Fear is like doubt. Once it enters us and penetrates my centre, we become weak, weak, perish. Fear prevents people from focusing on the most important food sources such as self-confidence, security and peace. With this obstacle, we always start focusing on the negative towards anxiety while ignoring even the positive things. Being afraid of the events we are going through and the uncontrollable latest situations is of course a perfectly normal and healthy reaction. But the way to turn this in balance our favor is; Thinking, “I will not be able to change anything even if I am afraid”. Therefore, instead of destroying myself with anxiety, worry and fear, I should solve as much as I can and focus on other beauties and energizing resources of balance in life.

What can we do in our individual lives that will benefit ourselves, our relatives and the society?

First of all, we should not forget that in our individual lives; We all have roles in this life. Of course, together with the events and needs, we can all act differently and according to the needs. However, if we concentrate on human behavior patterns such as being human, giving support, extending a hand, smiling, touching his shoulder and saying “well done” without making any distinction between you and me, we will set a very good example to the society. On the other hand, if we talk about situations that constantly create negative and distrust in terms of military service or having different opinions, we should try to shift from another point of view. Yes, there are unreliable people in this life, but there are also reliable ones. Yes, there are people who abuse responsibility in this life, but there are also those who use it for good and righteousness. Exchanging ideas on how noble, plus and beautiful aspects of being in the military, being a soldier or being able to act together increases one’s empathy ability. We can take initiatives to support the unity and solidarity that will contribute to the spread of the thought “We all have to do what we can for people and each other because we need each other.”

The number of people who say “I don’t want to live in this country anymore” is increasing. Is leaving the solution?

Of course it’s not the solution. So at least it’s not a realistic solution. Because wherever you go in the world, if your problems are with you, it doesn’t matter where you go. Of course, the efforts of people to re-realize themselves by merging into a comfortable and high level of civilized society are very valuable, but the same can be done by staying in our country. People act this way only when they can’t find the strength, energy, belief in themselves and around them to change anything. It’s like saying “There’s no way it can be better”. There is always something better, or rather, more convenient.

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