Let’s Calm Down in Our Inner Conflicts First

What have we experienced in recent days, what have you observed?

The order of life calm down as we know it was shaken by the events and the confidence of many people was damaged. While we thought that the control of our life calm down was in our hands or the authority was in the people and institutions we knew, suddenly we felt the inadequacy of being unprotected and on our own. Internal and social chaos ensued as trust in authority decreased. Some of the people I interviewed are pessimistic, some have doubts about everyone, some feel tired, confused and helpless. Since people did not find the ground they stepped on to be safe, they were in a state of fear and anxiety with a feeling of lack of control. Many people of different views also united, turning their fears into courage for their freedom at the cost of their lives.

There are many people from different walks of life calm down who are divided and caught in hate speech. Why do we see and experience these?

As many people’s confidence in life calm down and in themselves decreases, their fears increase. Fear of insecurity; Hatred, hatred, and anger are born of fear. Hatred is a low-frequency emotion that we direct against those who try to take something from us that we think belongs to us, that we think we have. To exclude those who are not like us is a selfish protection motive. For this reason, some may say “we” to the world, while others may say “my tribe”, “only those in my opinion”. When the feeling of alienation increases, so does exclusion, conflict, hostility and hatred. There are as many understandings and perspectives as there are people living in the world. The love and acceptance that comes with gratitude are brothers. We cannot transform and love a situation that we cannot accept. What needs to be remembered here is the correct determination of our own responsibility area and not giving up our rights without being entitled to it. It is important to respect our own and others’ living space and rights. This is only possible with inner peace. In other words, we can walk towards peace by calming down in our own inner conflicts.

What does the person who is in fear become open to? What is the way to deal with our fear?

It is very normal for emotions such as fear, anxiety and panic to knock on our door in the face of the events watched and experienced. These feelings occur in the second chakra of our body, that is, in our creativity and production center. The ‘chi’ of the body, that is, the energy that feeds the entire magnetic electrical system and acupuncture meridians, is produced here. Its element is water. In our body, it corresponds to the kidney, reproductive and waist regions. In the case of fear and anxiety, the energy channels are blocked and production works only negatively. Only the harmful and bad aspects of side events are seen. In this case, it causes more distrust. Fear is a dark emotion and feeds on uncertainty. When we shine the light into the darkness, the light begins. When Ishipa is dark, the light is still there.

What can we do in our individual lives that will benefit ourselves, our relatives, and our society?

In Anatolia, when someone is afraid, they are first given water to drink. Because the kidney energies are reduced during fear, so the production of chi energy decreases. Drinking plenty of live mineral water activates the chi energy production of the kidneys. This energy is life calm down energy according to the Far East. All physical and psychological disorders are caused by the inability to produce this energy or the blockage of communication channels. When this energy is formed and reaches every part of the body, first of all, confidence and positive feelings begin.

What can we do to increase life energy?

Sending the breath to the kidneys and pelvis, sometimes expelling the negative accumulations by breathing loudly (shouting), giving heat by rubbing the kidney and sacrum bone into the palms, making stretching and opening movements in these areas, smiling, even laughing, worshiping, soft colors It is beneficial to watch nature and nature, relax with soothing music, pray and have positive dreams. The most important thing is that we feel safe by understanding and accepting that life is a system that works with perfect mathematics and for our benefit. Let’s sow our seeds of emotion and thought, with love and trust, by embracing what is.

There are those who want to leave Turkey and those who criticize them. What do you think about this?

Wherever people go, they take themselves with them. There will be similar situations and events that he will reflect in the mirror to the places he will escape without transforming himself. Most of the time, the grass he doesn’t like ends up right under his nose. I told my clients, who were angry with the boss and wanted to quit, that if he left without understanding what this workplace was telling him, he would fall into the hands of worse bosses. Some have learned this by experience. Similar or even more severe scenarios can be encountered when we go to escape from the land we chose to be born, not with awareness, but to escape. Homeland is a womb and mother; The doors of the future will open more easily when we are grateful for what they have given us and give their due, that is, when we are liberated from the past. Then we can meet our real need at the right place and time.

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