Knitting Hairstyle of Summer 2022

The braids of the “Game of the Thrones” are as interesting as the plot. Braids are by far the most popular hairstyle of summer 2022. Could there be another hairstyle that both gives an innocent expression to our face and has a hidden charm?

Tribal Effect

When applying this model, randomly divide the remaining strands of your hairstyle into 5-6 thin parts, except for the thick part at the back, and braid them. Secure the braids with hair gel. If you make a bun at the back of the back, you will make the braids in the front attract more attention. Do an eye make-up in copper and gold tones, highlight the cheeks with an earth-toned blush and apply the same shade of lipstick.

Upside Down

A natural trend knitting model that definitely makes you feel the difference. First, separate a thin tuft from the part above the ear. After knitting it, pass it over the forehead in the form of a tape and fasten it on the other side with a small hairpin. In this model, we start knitting in reverse. After dividing the hair into four parts, we start from the nape and weave a herringbone back to the front. Towards the front, we intertwine the thin braids with hairpins and combine them.

Modern Classic

An easy-to-apply and different model for those who are bored with classic models. Separate thin tufts from the front, sides and back of your hair. Make a ponytail so that the rest of it meets the neck. Braid back the small front piece first and leave the end open. Then knit the parts you separated from the side and the back, respectively. Tie the ends of the hair together after passing a loop through them. Since it is a lively model, do an understated make-up in nude tones.

The Turn of the Herringbone

The return of the fish ridge was spectacular. For a modl like in the photo, release a lock from the front, part the rest of the hair in two and braid it in a herringbone pattern and tie it with an elastic bar, leaving one part open from the nape. Also use spray to shape the strand you’re looking at in front. Apply highlighter on the cheekbones and highlight the cheekbones with blush. Choose earth tones for eye makeup and lip color.

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