Are you meeting your skin’s benefits for vitamin K?

Benefits of vitamin K for skin

In addition to the fact that vitamin K is especially beneficial for the circles under the eyes, it also has other benefits.

Protecting your skin layer barrier is probably the main part in skin care. An expert falls to vitamin K to guard your epidermis from organisms or factors that may harm your skin. Featuring its moisturizing feature, you can take a look at the other primary advantages of vitamin K, which has been seen in many skin care products recently:

Accelerates the repair processes of your wounds

Dermatologist Y. Claire Chang says that wound contraction, which she says can be a “healing response,” is enhanced by vitamin K. In this manner, you can increase the creation of collagen and make sure that your wounds are repaired faster.

Has antioxidant properties

Vitamin K protects your epidermis on the link between skin-damaging UV rays and pollution. Since there are redox properties as stated by dermatologist Julie Russak, it will help to detoxify the reactive oxygen species released by these factors, quite simply, it possesses a toxin-scavenging effect.

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