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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

SKIRT with flared hem allow you to declare your freedom in hot weather. You can look cool by choosing your flight skirts in powder tones.

FLORAL DRESSES Floral pattern #dresses full of romance and innocence are among the saviors of the weekends. You can both be noticeable and draw a stylish image with your floral print #dress.

BRALETS Give color, shape and shape bralets a chance in your clothes. You can add a sporty atmosphere to your weekend elegance with bralets that can be worn in #jackets and shirts.

HANGED DRESSES Hanging #dresses, indispensable for the summer months, are also this season. You can combine your suspenders with t-shirts or catch them by wearing them alone.

JEAN JACKETS Jean #jackets started to be decorated again. It is possible to see jean jackets embroidered with metal accessories this #summer. You can also catch a cool look by including magnificent accessories in your jean #jackets.

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