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A Colorful Look at Autumn

Sun glasses, which have become indispensable to our combinations as accessories of all seasons, are also one of the most important complements of your style. If you want to add a magical new touch to your style this fall, Vogue Eyewear is our recommendation for you. In the 2020 Autumn / Winter season, the brand, which presents with the "Twiggy", where urban style meets the sparkle, and the "High Rise" collections that contain creative and contrast elements, offers you remarkable options for returning to the city.

The Twiggy collection, inspired by the pastel tones in the season's trend makeup palette, consists of Gold, Black, Silver, Milky Blue and Milky Pink colors. The metal handles embellished with 27 Swarovski crystals are almost dazzling in this square form model with a thin metal frame, where retro, stylish, urban style turns into a sparkling design. If you want to look at autumn with a different eye, to have an impressive look without exaggeration and most importantly to make a small touch to your style, Twiggy is for you!

Another trend of the new season is geometric models, which are the indicators of smart charm... In the Vogue Eyeglasses High collection, trend-setting soft urban fine metal geometric angles, stylish feminine tones will be indispensable for your autumn combinations by presenting a style that is far from exaggeration but impressive.

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