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A Leukemia Patient... What is important to be happy and peaceful? Is it life or people?

Every experience you experience fear gives you strength and confidence ... You should try to do whatever you think you cannot do.

Her name is Nikki. He lives on our street. This young lady has been my longtime inspiration. His story impressed me so much that I remember his courage whenever I was bored.

It all started with the diagnosis that her doctor gave her when Nikki was in seventh grade. It had been what his family feared. The diagnosis given to their daughters was leukemia. After being diagnosed, they went to the hospital for a few months. Nikki was given hundreds and thousands of tests. Then they started chemotherapy. It was very sad that all of her hair fell out as chemotherapy continued in hopes of saving her life. Her hair wasn't coming back and her family started to worry.

They bought Nikki a Wig before she started eighth grade that summer break. She was very uncomfortable with her wig, itching, but she was wearing it anyway. He was a loved child. He was the leader of the cheerleading group at the school and had many friends, but things started to change. Nikki's appearance got weird and you know guys. I think similar situations have happened to all of us. Sometimes we laugh and have fun, but we also cause someone else to suffer. How many times did they take off the poor boy's wig in the early days of eighth grade? He stood up, leaned on the floor, trembling with fear and embarrassment, then put the wig on his head, wiped his tears and entered the classroom. He couldn't understand why no one was protecting him each time.

This situation was like hell for two weeks. He told his family that he could no longer bear this situation. So her family said to Nikki, "Don't go to school if you want." As you can see, if your eighth grade daughter is dying, it doesn't matter if she passes to ninth grade. The important thing is that he is happy and peaceful. Nikki told me that hair loss is not that important. "I can handle this problem. I don't care about my hair loss. He even said that losing your life is not that important." "I don't care about death," he said, "but do you know what it means to lose friends? As the whole crowd sees me as I walk down the corridor, Maiden Deniz pulls me sideways as if split in half. Do you know what it means to empty the locker owners next to you? death is nothing if you believe and know where to go after death. ''

He had decided to drop out of school that weekend when something happened. He heard about two male students, one in the sixth grade and the other in the seventh grade. Two male students in the seventh grade. The eighth grade student was from Arkansas and carried his Bible with him, although it was not common among the students. One day three male students came to this student and took his Bible from him. Then he said to him: "Are you a girl? Religion is something for girls. Don't bring this Bible back to school again." He handed the Bible for Children again and said: ok

He said, "If you dare, carry this Bible at school one day." Then they became friends.

Another story that influenced Nikki was a sixth grade student from Ohio named Jimmy Masterdino. This boy was jealous of California having his own motto, and he was saddened that Ohio didn't have such a motto. After Kenisi found a motto for Ohio, and after collecting a signature, he took those signatures to the State legislature. Today, thanks to this brave sixth grader, Ohio's motto, "If you believe in God, anything is possible."

Inspired by these stories and heartbroken, Nikki wore her wig on Monday morning. She is dressed as stylishly as possible and told her family, “I want to go to school today. I have something to do. I have to learn something, her parents didn't understand what Nikki said and they were worried.

and they took him to school. Nikki was kissing her mom and dad before getting out of the car like every day. This type of behavior is no longer popular with kids, so the kids twisted their noses when they saw Nikki kissing her parents. But today everything was different. After kissing them he turned around and said, "Mom, dad, do you know what to do today?" Said. I said. I said. I said. His eyes were full, but these tears reflected his strength and joy. "What are you going to do, baby?" He asked. “Today I'll find out who my best friend is. Today I will understand who my true friends are.''

A miracle happened that day. She went through the schoolyard, entered the school, and no one made fun of that brave little girl.

Nikki taught thousands of people to be themselves, to use God-bestowed abilities, and to stand firmly in the face of uncertainty, pain, fear, and prejudice.

Nikki finished high school. A few years after her graduation, the wedding ceremony took place and Nikki had a daughter. She gave her my name, Emily.

Whenever I have an unresolvable problem, I think of Nikki and I suddenly feel stronger.

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