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<< Brasilia the 'Rio Carnival'

"The biggest show in the world" continues with the celebrations that last from Friday to the

first hours of the first Wednesday before Lent. What is a carnival? The carnival season is a celebration of fun, peace and friendship.

The Rio Carnival, spanning 5 days extending to the Easter diet in the Christian calendar, best represents the Brazilian culture.

Hundreds of street groups with magnificent samba dancers on the streets, the parade through Rio's neighborhoods, perform fascinating performances all night long. While Samba schools are preparing for the final show in Sambadrome, Impromptu street parties continue everywhere. Every year, over 70,000 tickets are sold to the Samba Gate, which is a major attraction during the carnival, in the stadium published worldwide. Various carnival balls are held in the famous places of Rio, where the Masquerade Parties theme nights are crowded.

It is filled with many exciting and fascinating events that will attend the Rio Carnival every day.

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