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Updated: Mar 8, 2020

“Self-tanners for the face have come a long way over the last eight years,” says experts. “Nowadays they combine skincare with self-tan, plus formulations are lighter, helping to prevent breakouts and impart a more natural-looking tan.

” You no longer have to worry about the tell-tale streaks or smudges of orange across cheeks; instead, you’ll enjoy a #glow that prompts the question every tanning queen loves to be asked: “Where have you been?”

The faux tan market is awash with different formulas and, of course, you can use body tan on your face, but discerning types know that these formulas can be less than kind to the more sensitive skin on our face. “Light gels, serums and mists are great for the face because they are very light upon #skin,” says. “As are clear formulas, because they don’t clog pores.”

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