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First aid: flat shoes in the bag

If pain in your heels hit your temples and they take off a pair of flat shoes and give them, didn't you buy?

Matt Horann carried his girlfriend home on his back after a long night of walking around in high-heeled shoes. Not every woman has a lover like Matt. Arriving home from the nightclub barefoot on his back with his girlfriend, Matt's mind worked differently when it came to hardship, a true eureka moment he lived. Is there an open space selling flat shoes at a time when even Cinderella's white horse-drawn carriage turned into a pumpkin? No. However, there must be something that can come to the rescue of the woman whose heart is beating because of her heels after the middle of the night: Babetmatik! You know, there are machines in the subway where we get thirsty and run beside you, throw our coins and get water, the ones that come out of them...

It is true that high heels are sexy, make legs appear longer and increase the self-confidence of those who can walk on them comfortably. But let's sit crooked and talk right: If they stretch out a pair of flat shoes for hours, if your dance heels leak your feet, and the pressure on your soles comes to your temple, wouldn't you buy it? Alcohol doesn't look like high-heeled shoes in the window... It thinks about the middle of the night you drink a lot. Headache, nausea, slipping under your feet... If I drink like this again, it says two, if we go two days later, you drink again. You crave your high heels the night before and wear them again the next day.

Matt Horan, the inventor of Rollasoses, made the first Babetmatik in Bristol, where he lived in England. Babetmatiks now serve high heels in front of nightclubs in Australia, America and Ibiza. You throw 5 pounds or 7 dollars, and you buy the silver, gold and rose colored ballet flats that suit you. Babet comes with a stylish cloth bag in which you can put your high heels.

In recent years, even at weddings, ballet flats are distributed like candy. Ayse Özcan, the owner of the wedding organization company Aisha, explains: “We distribute ballet flats or flip flops later in the wedding to comfort the guests who dance with high heels for hours. Moreover, there are couples who care too much about this gift and have a name printed on the bottom, and a bow tie and a veil on one of the ballet flats. Even if you do not distribute it as usual, the guests come after an hour and ask if there are any flats.

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