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Getting Alkali and Sporty Performance

High performance is very important for athletes and those who do sports. Eating healthy foods is the basis of increasing performance and stamina. By using alkaline water, the body gains many advantages in terms of both sportive performance and health.

It is known that small changes in body PH have profound effects on issues such as general health, sports performance, fatigue, pain, weight control and fighting diseases. The muscles work best in a narrow range of PH. At rest, the muscle PH is about 6.9 while in activity it is about 7.4.

When exercising, the increased use of muscle glycogen for energy produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid and CO2, which lowers muscle pH. The higher and more intense you do the exercise, the more acidic your muscles will quickly become acidic and this will cause fatigue. Acid buildup limits the production of the energy molecule ATP and disrupts the energy-producing enzyme activity. When muscle pH drops below 6.5, it stops working completely. Acidity also inhibits the contraction effect of muscle fibers, directly reducing muscle strength. When the body metabolizes food, it must be excreted or neutralized through the lungs, kidneys, and skin and delays aging.

Using relevant water has positive effects on sportive performance. Consuming alkaline water decreases the acid density of the muscles while exercising, shortening the exercise intensity and recovery time. The benefits of alkaline water formed by electrolysis increase the pH of body cells and tissues. As alkaline water gains a significant amount of free electrons with the electrolysis process, it can become a super antioxidant by attaching these electrons to active oxygen-free radicals in the body. By binding excess free antioxidants, alkaline water can prevent oxidation of normal tissue with normal oxygen radicals. In this case, it prevents our body from staying acidic and the body gains many advantages in terms of both health and sportive performance.

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