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Make Up Trends #2020

Make Up Trends #2020

En son güncellendiği tarih: Mar 8

The popularity of make-up products in 2020 is already a matter of curiosity...

The colors and shades to be used in #make-up are among the curious ones...

Here are the makeup trends we will come across frequently in 2020...

So what colors will be in #fashion in 2020? If you want my #makeup to suit me and get a trend, here are our suggestions for you...

#Makeups that are both easy to apply and look like they are absent are among the trends of the new year. Natural shimmer, nude shades, water-based make-up products will be preferred frequently.

Skin Products: Foundations, cc creams, foundations will gain thin and natural appearance.

Bright skin; will be a must. To make the makeup look beautiful and shiny, you should use a moisturizing or moisturizing makeup base.

Illuminators; we usually rub it on the cheekbones, nose and forehead. In the new year, it will be natural by applying it before the foundation.

Now, instead of solid #make-up products, we will turn to those in more liquid and gel form.

Blush, lightening, eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation will moisturize the skin and offer a more natural look.
Colorful eye shadows; Eye shadows with natural shine instead of glitter will attract attention. Skin color and coffee toons will be seen frequently.
Lips: Matte lipstick era is over, now glossy lipstick is in the foreground.

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