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Natural Botox

Powerful anti-wrinkle action relaxes the contractions of the muscles of the face and strengthens the collagen, also useful in the case of psoriasis, itching, and wounds, finally, it is a diuretic and helps against hypertension.

Acmella oleracea, also known as Spilanthes acmella, family of Asteraceae, is a plant native to the Brazilian forest that is attracting much interest in the field of cosmetics. In fact, acmella is considered a natural botox and is increasingly used in anti-wrinkle creams. But let's understand better.

Acmella, anti-wrinkle remedy

The acmella extract contains an active ingredient, called silanol, able to act on wrinkles. In fact, this substance is able to reduce expression wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. Moreover, the silanol is an antioxidant and stimulates and strengthens the collagen network thus giving tone to the skin that appears firm and compact. The acmella extract is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, and anesthetic. All these properties have been demonstrated by scientific studies and make acmella a useful remedy even in case of psoriasis, itching, and wounds by speeding up healing.

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