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Physical or Psychological... What is trauma?

Psychological integrity, as well as the physical integrity of the human being, is subject to blows and injuries. The biggest difficulty of psychological injury is that it cannot be understood from the outside, it is an invisible and bleeding wound.

Traumatic events such as accidents, fears, abuse, violence and disaster can have devastating effects on a person's life. These events can cause us to change our view of ourselves and to shake the foundation on which we build our lives. For example, a man who does not have any self-esteem problems before and who feels safe may turn into a coward, dependent and distrustful person after bankruptcy and theft. Although he was a sympathetic and sociable person before, after this event he may turn into an introverted and increasingly lonely person. He can escape from anything that reminds him of his loss. He may feel embarrassed for not doing anything to prevent bankruptcy, accident, theft, his self-esteem may fall, and he may live that day as if it was today.

Traumatic events affect more people than individuals directly exposed to it. Often the victim's friends and loved ones also suffer from the rippling effect of the event. To return to the example above, the man who has been robbed can take the pain out of his wife. He may avoid getting close to him because of his disturbing thoughts and feelings. He may avoid getting close to him because of his feelings of shame and fear. He may not want to meet with his friends because of his feelings of shame and fear. They may have difficulty concentrating and lack motivation.


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